Monday, January 30, 2012

I Guess This Is What You Call "Full Swing"

According to an email I got this morning, training starts on Wednesday. Since I hadn't seen a real training schedule and had only been told that it would start in February, I had just kind of decided somewhere in the back of my head that it would get going in mid-February. But no - Feb. 1 it is!

I am trying to regain some of my earlier enthusiasm, which I admit has flagged lately. I was all ready to dive in right after the holidays, and then again right after the kick-off meeting, and then... I just sat around and waited to hear anything definite. Winter has a dampening effect on my spirits anyway, so it's even easier for my energy to peter out if it's not fed at frequent intervals, you see. I kind of wish it were starting in a week from now, to give me sufficient time to get amped up about it - I'm kind of taken unawares by this whole day-after-tomorrow announcement - but time and tide waits for blah blah blah et cetera.

Speaking of which, we have our first group fundraising event at work on Friday. Everyone gets to wear jeans and pays $5 for the privilege, and we added a fun twist - if they give more than $5, they get a treat. I have volunteered myself to make mini-cupcakes and some brownies, which means this week now looks like this:

   Wednesday - first team training, spin class
   Thursday - bake!
   Friday - fund-raise !
   Saturday - team training, out in some far-flung suburb

Aaaaand... we're off and running cycling!


Dan McCoy said...

Don't lose your drive!! Maybe my monthly pledge will keep you motivated?? ON IT'S WAY!!!

Love, your bro Dan

Beth said...

Okay, seriously Dan? Your support (financial and otherwise) this morning has taken me from like an enthusiasm level of 2, up to a This One Goes To Eleven. I spent the whole train ride this resisting negative thoughts, and now those are all replaced with how there's no way I can quit, not when Dan is shaking figurative pom-poms at me and expecting results!

You officially retain the title of Best Brother Of All The Brothers, Ever. THANK YOU.

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