Sunday, February 12, 2012


Here are the things that are better from a week ago:

1. My leg. I wound up icing/elevating it all last weekend and it's been fine ever since. I was all trepidatious and ready to bail when I went to regular-gym spin class (as opposed to the team training spin class, see), but it was perfectly fine.

2. Speaking of regular-gym spin class, we got a new instructor there, named Peter. He is awesome and I love his classes (all one of them that I took so far, anyway). I mean, I don't love him more than the fan - which is still the only thing I like about spin class, btw - but he is scads better than the former instructor. The last instructor is a Beast, she like  runs 100 marathons with ankle weights without breaking a sweat, does double ironman competitions in her sleep and on the side she probably teaches Navy Seals how to be tougher and more in shape, okay? So her spin class was a little too intense for me. This new guy gives just a nice, normal, challenging workout. What a relief.

3. Wednesday's team training spin class was a MILESTONE, people: I could do everything the instructor yelled at me to do. I find this wildly exciting. Seriously!

4. Saturday, I went to the bigger team training, out in the sticks burbs. I could also do everything in THAT class, and sometimes I wished he wanted me to do more. This gives me hope that I will be able to do this damn ride, because so far I am keeping up quite nicely with the training.

Umm, that's it. I have all kinds of things to complain about, but I will leave that for later, probably. Let's keep this positive. One thing that is NOT better is the weather: it's ass cold out there and I am not even considering getting on the bike to try a few miles. But I should make up for that lack with pictures of some kind, so I will try to do that soon.

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