Friday, December 9, 2011

For Those Who Love Me Lots

First and most importantly - DONATE.

Otherwise, see below.

Christmas Gift Ideas:
  • Bike Helmet my fab friend Laura is lending me hers, hurrah!
  • Protective gear (esp. gloves)
  • Bike lock (U-lock, please!) got it!
  • Two bottle cages + 2 water bottles
  • Bike rack for my wee little car  got it!
PLEASE NOTE (and I mean this, really truly): none of these things have to be new. As long as they're in sound and functioning condition, they can be a zillion years old and scratched all to hell or uglier than you thought possible. I will not turn my nose up at any of it. Have some fun on Craigslist and tell me all about your mad bargain hunting skillz.

Gift cards to my local bike shops will also be greeted with shouts of Christmas Joy:
Look. I really am going to do this. So if you can help, please please do. If you were planning to wrap up some bubble bath or a scented candle, I'm asking you to ditch that plan and go with anything (or even a partial thing) from the list above. It'll tell me you're rooting for me, and knowing that will help stop my backbone from turning to jelly - it's pretty valuable, knowing there are people who want you to succeed and who want to help if they can. 

Plus, my bath tub sucks and I have enough scented candles to last me til I'm about 60. I mean, cmon. Get me something good.

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