Thursday, December 15, 2011

Progress report

Here's a quick update.


  1. Buy bike shorts. Should have them soon. Bought them online and pray they'll fit.
  2. Get a loaner helmet from my friend Laura, who is awesome.
  3. Touch base with one of my training coaches, who gave super-helpful info (if not enough - really advanced people don't have the same definition of "very very basic" as a beginner does. But he gave me his phone number, so what more do I need, right?)
  4. Get approval from the podiatrist and physical therapist for this whole thing. (I have a wicked case of plantar fasciitis that is being treated with all sorts of muscle-work, so I just wanted to be sure nothing would get screwed up.) 
  5. Whine about my quads hurting all week, after the spin class.

  1. Go to another spin class. I know, I know! I do plan to go Monday, but my legs (and, let's be honest, crotch) were killing me on Tuesday, so I thought I'd do the Thursday class - but today was our holiday party, so I missed it. It's only offered Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, so this week was rather a bust. Oh well.
  2. Really work out at all, after that spin class. It's just been a bad week for it, with various other obligations intruding on my time. Rar.
  3. Get the bike from my brother's house checked out and approved by a bike shop. My brother Dan will lend me a bike - BECAUSE HE IS THE BEST BROTHER OF ALL THE BROTHERS, EVER - but we need to make sure it's ship-shape and right-for-me, first. I need to drive out there. Maybe this weekend?

There, at least the list of Dids is longer than the list of Did Nots. I've also adapted a less freaked-out attitude about the physical challenge involved, because I realized that at least it was only my quads and crotch that came away really hurting from my time on the bike. I've realized that the good thing was: no burning lungs, no thinking I was going to die, no visions of falling on the floor and vomiting afterward. (That sometimes happens with physical exertion, you know. I am not unfamiliar with the feeling.) The seat pain can be taken care of with a good pair of shorts, a good bike seat (eventually), and some practice. So that basically leaves the quads. That's just one set of muscles which needs serious work. That's it. 

I can do that. That's an attainable goal for me, something to focus on now that is small(ish) and conquerable. (Did I just make up that word? It feels made up. Who knows.) This is the one thing I have going for me: I've been doing cardio at the gym pretty much 5 days a week for like 2 years now. Nothing terribly challenging or advanced, just spending my lunch hour on the ellipticals. But my body - the lungs and heart and whole circulatory system are already on board and haven't been taken by surprise. And I'm realizing what a huge advantage that is. Yay optimism!

So there's the progress in a nutshell and, as ever - more later. 

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Sarah said...

I cheer you on Lady! Yay Beth! One thing is very clear -- even if you fail (and OMG, I am SURE you won't!! Don't even think that!), you will always have a job writing. I look forward to reading about your progress. Here are some thoughts from a veteran "biker".
* Your ass will recover. It's repitition, Lady. The more you ride, the less sore your ass is until eventually, you truly don't need those fancy pants!
* Do yoga! It makes everything better!
* Spin class is great, but the best training is getting on your bike and venturing out into the GREAT OUTDOORS (yelled like Tom Skerritt delivers the line in the Original Cheech and Chong movie (a classic!) in his unforgettable performance as "Strawberry"). In spin class are you riding into 20 mph winds? Do bugs get into your eyes and teeth? Do you fishtail on wet pavement? I think not! You need the Real McCoy -- pun intended. I just did a 20-mile ride on 12/19. Glorious! Get chains for your tires! Train outdoors!
* Stay optimistic! Love your at-ti-tude. There's nothing like the wind in your hair, the sun in your face, and getting places on your own leg power! You can ride forever!
* Yaybeth!

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