Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Morning Commute

I am soooooo tired. Not Saturday post-training tired, but still - tired. It's a combination of  mild seasonal allergies, light (but very present) insomnia leading to sleep deprivation, and my new commute demanding more of my bod than it's used to.

The first morning (yesterday) Pepe and I needed a quick rest stop, so I took a picture for you.

If only I had aimed a camera a bit more to the right, or taken a wider shot, you'd see my city skyline and have an idea how lovely this ride is. I live just less than a mile from the lakeshore path, you see, and I can ride it all the way downtown. It's paved and smooth and flat and no cars are allowed - just bicycles and joggers and dogs being walked and people strolling along enjoying the day. Nothing but lake to the left, gorgeous Chicago skyline to my right and up ahead. How terrific is Chicago, huh? The light sparking of the lake is enough to make anyone swear off public transit.

Well except I will be taking the train tomorrow because did I mention I am tired? Sooooo tired. It's amazing how my 8.5 mile commute is so much easier than any given mile I rode in Saturday's training. It's like my body is okay with it now, all of a sudden. But it is still a challenge because it's still really new to me - so I really should have let myself rest today. I made it, but man did it ever sap my strength. So it's back to the train tomorrow, give my body a day to get stronger.

But next time I commute by bike, I'll take the good camera and get a few proper pictures that show everything to better advantage, and you can see what I mean about how exhilarating it is. Did I say it's exhilarating, this ride? I meant to, but I forgot because I am tirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred. Oh also the first morning I put this huge gash in my leg. Because no kickstand. And bike fell. And chain-ring has sharp hungry teeth. And ouch. But I'm okay. Oh and I got lost that first ride because it gets tricky around Navy Pier and this guy named Jeff helped me find my way, and I park at the McDonalds Cycle Center because I'm nervous of downtown traffic and it's so cool the secure bike parking there and I guess there's a lot to tell about that first commute. It was An Epic Journey.

But I am too tired to tell it. Suffice to say: I got there and back. Twice. YAY.

And goodnight.

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