Saturday, March 10, 2012

Programming note

The LLS donation website (which includes my frundraising page, I think) will be down for site maintenance this weekend. So in case you wanted to throw cash at me - sorry! Come back Monday.

I have to leave for the first ride in a bit and I am so scared. I am nervous-sweating, even. I had some toast and tea and now I'm fretting over if that's right to eat, what if I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the ride? I am not a guy, I can't do that pee-on-the-bike thing that they apparently do in the Tour de France and stuff. (I know, isn't that gross? I had no idea. Ugh.) And I'm sure I'll get left behind and I hope I don't get lost and what if it takes me FOREVER and I'm so sleepy still and man, now the nervous-sweat is out of control. Way to go.

Anyway. I am scared. I'm going, but I'm a little terrified. I just needed to share that. Thanks for listening, internet.

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kviz said...

okay, now you got me following you, what happened? Still alive? Was is awesome or was it gruesome?

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