Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Damp Little Milestone

I rode in the rain! It's only exciting because it's always made me a bit nervous. Not scared, really, just uncertain and it's always been an off-putting idea since as I previously mentioned, I do not have appropriate rain gear. This wasn't even rain, according to my definition of it. More of a light drizzle - but thunderstorms were threatening. There was thunder! There was lightning! The dead rising from the grave! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!

In reality, I just got a little wet and wondered how likely I was to be struck by lightning. I also spent a lot of time wondering if I should be using the back brakes. To be honest, I have only ever used the front brakes.  to be even more honest, I have no idea what the difference is between the two (aside from the obvious: front brakes stop the front wheel, back brakes stop the back wheel) and I read somewhere when I first got the bike that people should be using the front brake most of the time. I have since gotten the impression that you use the back brakes for when you're going downhill. But I've never done that because I like going fast on downhills and  would only slow down if I HAD to. So far I haven't had to.

Huh. Maybe I am doing something really wrong? Funny how these super-basic things are never taught, really, everyone just seems to know already or, like me, they just do what seems to work. I suppose I could search the internet for an answer, but how much you want to bet there are as many "right" ways to brake as there are cyclists with keyboards? Probably better to ask my Coterie of Coaches(tm) on Saturday.

I also wished I had my front fender. You may recall I kept the front fender off in order to more easily fit the bike (sans front wheel) into the back seat of my car. So I got a bit dirty, which just made me glad it happened on the way home instead of on the way to work.

So there you have it: riding int he rain is like riding in the not-rain. Just a little more wet.

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