Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Joy Of New Hair

So today I went and got my hair colored and cut. It is WAY overdue, and I was looking like a shaggy dog. Or a hobo. (Both of which are insults to the shaggy dog and hobo communities, respectively.) It was pretty awful, and I'd decided to get it shorter but keep a loose and soft look to it, with a bit of length in back.

But I'd also decided to go a bit blond, and once I saw the color I wanted the cut short and tight and sassy as ever. I always wear the helmet when I ride, which leads to extra head-sweating. My hair is so super thick that all the added length in back was like a sweat-sponge. It was pretty gross.

So look - the sweat-sponge is gone!


Isn't the color pretty? It's so naturally sun-faded brown-to-blond that I look like it's Labor Day after a whole summer of laying on the beach. Yet it is all entirely chemical! Mad props to Claudia and Girl Whose Name I Can't Spell (Ja-somthingorother) at the fabulous Kozi Salon in Barrington. Those ladies know how to treat a head, let me tell you.

Here is my attempt to capture the color a little better.

 Eh, so I can't work a camera to save my life. So? You get the idea, I hope. And if not, here's a picture of how it kind of looks. I say "kind of" because I am infamously unphotogenic (why don't I ever think to put on make-up?) and the angle and lighting aren't all that helpful. But you can have an idea of how the cut looks from the front, at least!

As for my expression and not so flawless complexion, let's just say it was a long day. One in which my doctor informed me that yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as female jock itch. Let's leave that statement there and walk away, shall we?

At least I have shiny new hair to comfort me. And no more curling frizzing sweat-sponge at the back of my helmet! One bummer, though, is that I'd meant to ask them to put a single bright purple streak in there, as a GO TEAM flag of sorts, since I can't wear my team jersey. (For those who don't know, Team In Training's signature color is purple.) But I completely forgot and it's too late now. Oh well.

I wanted to get a long-ish ride in today, to make up for missing the training ride this past weekend. But it was not in the cards. I wonder how awful Saturday will be? It's our last training ride.

Oh god. It's our last training ride. As much as that fills me with relief, it now - just now, just this second - fills me with utter terror. Yes, I said TERROR.

Fortunately (?) I also didn't have time to grocery shop, so there is nothing to stress eat. That's nice.


Megan said...

I think "helmet hair" is actually an advantage for women with thick hair. I would never have the courage to have my hair cut short and curly if I didn't know that wearing a helmet would mash most of the crazy out of my hairstyle during the ride.

Someone needs to start a dialogue thread within the Cycle Chic movement on the *advantages* of helmet hair!

Beth said...

I dunno if it's an advantage, but it's certainly not a deterrent. But you know - as much as I love my hair (and you know I do), I can't imagine the prospect of disheveled hair would stop me from riding a bike and/or wearing a helmet. The whole "but what about my hair?!" argument is lost on me. Hair should really never interfere with life that way.

Dottie said...

Love it! Looks fab! Sweat sponge does not sound too nice, so I'm happy you found a solution. :)

Soon your ride will be over and you'll always have that huge accomplishment!

Beth said...

Thanks! I've had short hair for a long time now but the sweat issue meant it was time to do Drastic Shortness again.

As for the huge accomplishment - I recommend it to everyone as the best way to get into bike commuting. After this, a few miles with jerky drivers and murderous city buses is a freaking cake walk!

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