Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Odds and Ends

I am home sick with a mini-flu that descended on me suddenly. It's awful timing, since in addition to training I have other time-sensitive work going on. I kept wishing yesterday that my immune system could please just hold out for 6 more weeks and then I am free to get sick, no problem. Which is hilarious, because asking for a 6-day delay is naive enough, but 6 weeks? Hah.

Anyway, it's just a slight fever and the edges of dizziness and constant uncertainty in my gut, but nothing full-blown. Enough to keep me home today and I guess I should not do the training spin class tonight. See, it's a good thing I did those 60 miles on Sunday, huh?

Grace and Helmets
Oh hey, a shout out to GRACE who didn't leave any contact info so I hope you're reading, Grace. Thanks for the donation!! And you are totally allowed - nay, encouraged! - to steal the reflective-stickers-on-helmet idea. My other idea was to make it seasonal and for winter, take squares of white reflective tape, fold them and make snowflake shapes. It actually makes me want to have like 6 helmets, each decorated seasonally (pumpkins and ghosts in October! Santa-esque trimmings in December! you get the idea.)

New Bike Territory
When I left work early to come home and tentatively sip ginger lemon tea, I had to take my bike on the train for the first time. I was bad at it. It's just so big and long and always in the way and hard to maneuver around people. It was probably because I was a little dizzy and because I had to sit. Otherwise I would've been able to just walk to the back of the car and stand there.

Anyway, what sucks is there's this whole stretch north on the red line where none of the stations are wheelchair accessible. Which yes, sucks for me when I've got a bike, but is just REALLY CRAPPY for anyone who physically can't do stairs. How does the city of Chicago get away with this blatant violation of the ADA? I don't understand. It's just downright bullshit, is what it is, like a whole 2-3 miles stretch of public transit with no elevators or ramps. I mean, it was easy enough for me to half-carry, half-wheel my bike down the stairs (I could not have carried it up in my condition) so that's fine. But I am just outraged on behalf of people for whom this is not an option. Grr.

I still haven't ridden in any kind of rain, but I don't hate the idea so long as I can get a good rain jacket. I am actually constantly mentally designing a rain cape-ish (it's sort of like a very very loose swing coat, or a non-voluminous cape with very wide long sleeves, see). It would have a hood that would fit over the helmet but would be elasticized so it couldn't fall over your face. It would have big pockets and thumb loops and a belt to cinch it tight and a weighted hem so the wind wouldn't blow it up. I think I'd make it out of a thin cotton with a silicone waterproofing coat. Or something. I want it to be not hot, but waterproof. Anyway, I enjoy the mental designing of the perfect thing.  I know I could buy one for like $200, but that's just nutso.


okay i have to sleep now. Stupid germs.

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