Friday, May 11, 2012

It's All Scenic And Stuff!

It's not just the pretty Chicago skyline ahead of me as I ride to work...

It's that just next to me is this lovely huge lake, which right now when the sun is shining, is this perfect blue-green color. And the light sparks off of it, and white boat sails are showing up now. So even when there's a wind, who cares? Do you know how enormous the lake is? People who haven't been here before don't realize it seems as big as the ocean, when you're standing on the shore. As they say - it's not just a lake; it's a Great Lake.

I do think it takes me a bit longer (and results in a bit more sweat) when I ride instead of taking the train. But I cannot imagine any argument that would convince me it's not worth that extra 10 minutes for this view.

And there really is no better way to start a day than this.

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